Cross-compiling Kaffe?

Michael Barr mbarr at
Wed Jun 10 07:34:05 PDT 1998

Edwin Foo wrote:
> At 09:50 AM 6/10/98 -0400, Michael Barr wrote:
> >Yes, I have tried it.  In truth I am still in the midst of a port to a
> >microSPARC-IIep based embedded system.  I'm using the Gnu Tools (compiler,
> >linker, etc.) hosted on Solaris.  The biggest challenge so far is the lack
> >of a filesystem or network on my target.  Unfortunately, eliminating these
> >dependencies requires significant modification of the Kaffe source.  And
> >it also raises challenging technical questions.  For example, What is a
> >class file in a filesystem-less environment?
> Well, on my target platform (StrongARM-based Itsy board) I am lucky to have
> a virtual RAM disk, so I intend to put my class files there. Perhaps you
> could do the same for your device and write a pseudo-disk driver to lessen
> the porting effort required?

Which is easier: writing your own RAM filesystem or modifying Kaffe not to
expect one?  I took a guess that the latter would be easier.  Though I may
have guessed wrong.  We'll have to wait and see.

> My nagging question is whether it really is as easy as running ./configure
> --target==blablabla, assuming you have a cross-compiling toolchain, or have
> people run into problems with the actual configuration and compilation of
> Kaffe?

I did that part by hand by looking at what files ./configure modified and
making the copies and relevant changes myself.  

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