Fwd : request for Kaffe on QNX

Darrell Gallion dgallion at cldx.com
Mon Jun 15 13:50:08 PDT 1998

I'm having the same problem of sizeof short == 0 in QNX.
Didn't see the solution posted?

Fwd : request for Kaffe on QNX

Daniel Veillard (veillard at rufus.w3.org)
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 10:37:51 -0500

Could someone out there using Kaffe on QNX help him ?


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Hello ! Daniel Veillard,

Here is Korea and I'm a graduate student. I major in Real Time Systems
and Electronics.

I want to compile Kaffe v0.9.1 or v0.9.2 on QNX 4.23A.
But, I failed configuration every time.
When I execute the 'configure' file, size of int, long, etc is not
correct. All size is zero....
Size of int is zero. Size of long is zero. Size of char is zero. etc...

Thanks your help, I receive the 'kaffe' execution file.
Most java program is working well except JNI program.
When I integrated java program and c program, I need to 'kaffeh' such as

Sun's 'javah'.
But 'kaffeh' execution file is not generated...

So, I want to receive the 'kaffeh' execution file.
As soon as possible, I want to receive the all kaffe-v0.9.1 or v0.9.2
configurable program on QNX 4.23.

If you hava a 'javah' execution file or all configurable kaffe-v0.9.1 or

v0.9.2 program on QNX 4.23, help me, please...

Sorry for poor English.
Thanks and regards...

== Myeong Jin, Lee ==
Real Time System Lab. Kyungpook Nat'l Univ. Korea.

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