[Q] Endian-ness checks when cross-compiling

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Tue Jun 16 21:45:02 PDT 1998

>> Usually, I set AR, CC, CPP, RANLIB environment variables to
>> appropriate one, and once make configure to run, and modify
>> config.cache for
>>       ac_cv_alignmentof_voidp=${ac_cv_alignmentof_voidp='0'}
>>       ac_cv_sizeof___int64=${ac_cv_sizeof___int64='0'}
>Your method would be the one to use in other setups, but as I pointed
>out in an accompanying mail, the config.frag files are the preferred
>way of doing the same thing in Kaffe.

That's a good idea. I'll try to do so. One thing I'm afraid
is how stable each size of data types between different compiler
versions. I hope these are not changed so frequently.

>> Then, the last thing done manually is to change symbolic links
>> for md.h and md.c. This can be solved in the future by someone
>> to include target machine handling in 'configure.in'. For the
>> time being target specified while configure does nothing.
>The links to md.? are already made by the configure script.
>They depends on the host setting (--host).  There is no target setting
>in Kaffe.  According to the info page on autoconf, the target type
>is the type of system for which any compiler tools in the package will
>produce code.  There aren't any compiler tools (well, maybe kaffeh--
>but that's not what we're talking about here) in the Kaffe package,
>hence no --target.

Right! I misunderstand what --host means and what --target means.

One last problem in kaffe-0.10.1 with dynamic linking is that
there are no definition for 'ld' command (which should also be
ld for cross development environment) in configure file. So,
I have to modify Makefile's to make shared library. It can be
fixed to include something like
in configure.in file.

In case of kaffe-0.9.2 similar treatment is needed to find
proper assembler.


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