Testsuite for casting operators/is_subclass

Artur Biesiadowski abies at pg.gda.pl
Wed Jun 17 05:28:43 PDT 1998

You can download it from
file TestCasts.java and results.txt

It can be added for japhar and kaffe tests if you want.


Win JDK113, JDK116, Linux JDK115 - correct

Win JDK12b3 - Class.instanceOf(null) returns true instead of false

kaffe 0.10.1 - arrays do not implement Cloneable nor Serializable

japhar - crashes :) - seems to be buffer overrun  (it claims it cannot
find class Serializa??le - with ?? being two strange chracters)

tya0.7 + JDK115 - crashes and dumps core (or reports nonexistent


I'm sending it to kaffe, japhar and tya lists. If you will receive
multiple recipients, reply only to one of interest.

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