bsdi3.0 and kaffe 0.92

Andre Breiler Andre.Breiler at
Thu Jun 25 02:45:28 PDT 1998


>  I am running bsdi3.0 and kaffe 0.92
>  when i attempt to run a compiled java byte code (w/ a lot of TCP/IP
>  functions), I get the following error
>  java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no net in shared library path
>  - I looked in the archives and some one else asked this question but there
>  were no replies. if any one could help me out,  I would greatly appreciate
>  it. 

you should check file kaffe/kaffevm/slib.h and compare it with
kaffe-0.10.1 .
I believe here are same false macros .
(On AmigaOS it was the same and the following had helped:
 #define LIBRARYLOAD(HAND, LIB)                                          \
        HAND = 1

Bye Andre'

PS: Sorry for my terrible english

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