Kaffe on BSDI 2.1

Ryan Sutter rockboy at nucleargopher.com
Thu Mar 5 11:46:57 PST 1998

I am interested in attempting to hack Kaffe to make it run on BSDI 2.1,
but have no experience programming C/C++ on Unix. I pretty much have
just programmed Java for the last two years and did VB/PowerBuilder
before that, Clipper before that and haven't touched C since college.
Here I am faced with the need to get Java running on BSDI 2.1 though and
since I know of nobody who has successfully gotten kaffe to actually run
there I guess it's up to me and I ain't looking forward to it.  I just
thought that before I get started trying to make this baby work I would
post a plea for help/suggestions/existing hacks/guidance/anything
anybody can tell me that might ultimately lead to Java running on BSDI
2.1 for me.

Thanks in advance....


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