Kaffe on BSDI 2.1

Michael R. Harper mikihasa at worldnet.att.net
Fri Mar 6 01:45:55 PST 1998

Dear Ryan,

Does it run at all for you?  I have it limping on BSDI 3.1, but without some
net and zip support (i.e. no ServerSocket or jar functionality).  I believe
the same code is used to make the BSDI 3.1 version, so theoretically it
should limp for you, too.  Now you can no longer say that you do not know
anyone who has "successfully gotten Kaffe to actually run".

It seems that the initial fervor surrounding the posts about Kaffe org's
latest business venture (Transvirtual) has died off.  I have not seen and
responses from Transvirtual to the questions posed in responses to their
original post, so either they moved the party or they are not talking.
Maybe it was one of those trial baloons that Rush Limbaugh is always trying
to pin on the Clinton administration.

Again, if Kaffe is not working at all for you I would be surprised.  If,
however, it is showing signs of selective amnesia (e.g. doesn't know what a
ServerSocket is, can't open a jar, etc.) I share your pain.  Maybe if we get
to pay to use it this problem will go away.  You can not do much complaining
about lack of support for free software, unless you want to burn in the
flames from some of the less patient dwellers in Kaffeland (speaking from
experience), but paying for it allows you to escalate your pleas for help
from minor whining to major b!#(hing--if you think that this will help.

Hey, you could always buy a Sun...


Michael R. Harper
mikihasa at worldnet.att.net

Ryan Sutter wrote:

> I am interested in attempting to hack Kaffe to make it run on BSDI 2.1,
> but have no experience programming C/C++ on Unix. I pretty much have
> just programmed Java for the last two years and did VB/PowerBuilder
> before that, Clipper before that and haven't touched C since college.
> Here I am faced with the need to get Java running on BSDI 2.1 though and
> since I know of nobody who has successfully gotten kaffe to actually run
> there I guess it's up to me and I ain't looking forward to it.  I just
> thought that before I get started trying to make this baby work I would
> post a plea for help/suggestions/existing hacks/guidance/anything
> anybody can tell me that might ultimately lead to Java running on BSDI
> 2.1 for me.
> Thanks in advance....
> Ryan

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