[ANNOUNCMENT] Kaffe 0.10.0 released (finally!!)

Tony Juricic tonko at evcom.net
Mon Mar 30 17:01:07 PST 1998

> KAFFE v0.10.0 - A JIT and interpreting virtual machine to run Java(tm)*
> code


I am having some trouble building this under Cygwin32 b19 but problems
seem exclusively due to include file paths, various redefinition
errors that Cygnus GCC consequently finds and the fact that system.h can
not be included as such when directory already contains another
System.h ( system.h needs explicit path to distinguish it from
upper case System.h in current directory ) but  I expect to clear them shortly.

Still, there are two obvious typos:

In config-io.h definition goes like:

#if defined(HAVE_WINSOCK_H)
#define	<winsock.h>

Should be #include instead of #define <winsock.h>.

The second typo will affect also non-PC users.

external.c file in kaffevm directory must be edited to say

#include "../../libraries/clib/external_native.h"

instead of current

#include "../../packages/external_native.h"

because packages directory is no more in this version.

Regards, Tony

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