[ANNOUNCMENT] Kaffe 0.10.0 released (finally!!)

Daniel Veillard veillard at rufus.w3.org
Mon Mar 30 16:05:10 PST 1998

Quoting Tim Wilkinson (tim at transvirtual.com):
> New Features
> ------------
> Please note that this release does not include some of the recently
> trumpeted features, notable a new AWT implementation and JNI.  We expect
> to roll these out really soon but for the moment we though it better to
> get this release out.  It contains many major changes so tread carefully
> and read the 'README'.
> The sources for Kaffe can be found at the following location.:

  Cool, especially the licencing ! Being protected by GPL at least ensure
that extensions will be contributed back, cool ! Hope this will still
be the case for the upcoming 1.0 ...

> USA:
>         ftp://ftp.transvirtual.com/pub/kaffe/
>         ftp://ftp.cs.columbia.edu/pub/kaffe/

  You can add:

  let's resume collective work on kaffe !

README says:
>PLESE NOTE that we no longer ship with a copy of Javasoft's classes.zip file.
>You need to get these for yourself (sorry, but we need to avoid any legal
>hassel here).

  Do we need to upgrade the classes.zip or the version from teh old
distribution will fit. Which version are you using ?



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