Thread support in 0.10 on OpenBSD

Tank tank at
Tue Mar 31 13:48:42 PST 1998

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Wilkinson <tim at> writes:

    Tim> My own guess (emphasis on the guess here) would be that it's
    Tim> a problem with the setjmp/longjmp threading system.  You need
    Tim> to know where the stack pointer is stored in the structure
    Tim> and although Kaffe guesses it can easily be wrong.  Look at
    Tim> the thread.h files in config/i386 to get a handle on this
    Tim> one.

I see that the full size of the setjmp buffer is (long)10 in
OpenBSD-i386 but have not been able to find the area in soure where
the offset to the stack ptr is...  Any ideas on where in a source tree
(BSD) this is usually located?

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