Thread support in 0.10 on OpenBSD

Tim Wilkinson tim at
Tue Mar 31 13:07:10 PST 1998

Tank (SPM) wrote:

> Greets all-
> I'm running an OpenBSD(i386) machine, and have had trouble using Kaffe
> starting with .091.  I recently pulled down the 0.10 distribution, and
> compiled cleanly, however executing kaffe simply exits.
> I started stepping through the code, and find that it blows up when
> trying to start the finalizer thread (the first thread activation in the
> system).
> At this point, it calls (*Kaffe_ThreadInterface.create()).
> I'm a little green when it comes to working with pointers to functions,
> and haven't been able to locate the source it calls at this point... If
> someone could direct me appropriately, I'd sure appreciate it.
> TIA.

My own guess (emphasis on the guess here) would be that it's a problem with
the setjmp/longjmp threading system.  You need to know where the stack
pointer is stored in the structure and although Kaffe guesses it can easily
be wrong.  Look at the thread.h files in config/i386 to get a handle on
this one.


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