Where do I begin?

John D. Gwinner gwinner at northnet.org
Sat Mar 7 14:54:07 PST 1998

From: Tony Kimball <alk at pobox.com>
>Sheer FUD I'd call that.  If you don't break the copyright, you don't
>have a problem.  That's the purpose and intent of the law.

You missed my point.  what matters is what can be proved.  If it appears
that you break the copyright, then you've got a problem, UNLESS a clean room
is used.  That's the key here.

The clean room probably does end up with some parts of Kaffe that are
substantially similar to Java, but it's defensible through the clean room.
Break that, and a copyright violation is easy to prove (even if it didn't

        == John ==

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