Peter C. Mehlitz peter at
Sun Mar 8 11:31:39 PST 1998

Alain Renard wrote:
> So, what is this library and where can I find it ? is a shared lib referenced from the JavaSoft AWT classes
(Toolkit -> It does not come with kaffe (which just used
the from the standard JDK).

There is no 1.1 compatible AWT support for kaffe > 0.9x yet. Well,
actually there is (the "biss-only" I gave t BISS by end of last year),
but BISS still has not published it yet. This would be instant relief,
but we can't do anything on it (since we are obviously not close buddies
with BISS anymore). Don't try to mix in the old biss-awt-0.87 stuff,
since it was still 1.0.2 based (and kaffe-0.9x is 1.1).

We are currently working on a new, JNI based version, which already is
pretty far (except of images). This one will be part of the next kaffe
distribution and does not require the Sun classes anymore.


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