Kaffe using VC++

Tony Juricic tonko at evcom.net
Mon Mar 16 04:59:08 PST 1998

>         I have been trying to compile kaffe with VC++ 5.0 for the last
> couple of days. But i keep getting compile time errors especially
> with signals.

Not surprising since Win32 does not support signals that Kaffe uses.
You would need Cygwin32 to compile Kaffe successfully on a PC
( see one earlier post of mine regarding this in Kaffe mailing list ).

>        Has any one compiled kaffe with VC++? If yes, can u
> send me the list of changes u made to the original kaffe code
> to make it work with VC++?

That would be a major thing since it would mean that somebody
implemented Kaffe threads on Win32. Every once in a while I mess
with it but never find sufficient time. 
I arrived at the conclusion, thanks also to useful comments from other people,
that it can not be done to function reliably on Windows 95 and, in fact, 
Win32 native threads should be used instead of Kaffe internal threads.

That is easier said than done partly due to the fact that there is no
documentation - you must read and get familiar with almost all of the
source code.

Furthermore, while Kaffe 0.9.1 compiled with Cygwin32 more or less
works, Kaffe 0.9.2 has exception error when executing the simplest
Java app and exception is in threading code.


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