is Biss 0.94 Kaffe 0.9x compatible?

Peter C. Mehlitz peter at
Fri Mar 27 14:42:35 PST 1998


> So, from that I take that Peter gave BISS an 0.9x compatible version
> be they left.  My main question: are we talking about BISS-AWT 0.94
> here, (which can be downloaded from various sites) or a later, still
> unpublished version?

Both of it. the BISS-AWT 0.94 contains a biss-only archive, and that
should run on kaffe-0.93 (not plain 0.92). It is not JNI based, but
already had image support and is fairly well tested.

For the next kaffe release, we re-implemented the whole thing so that it
does not require the old native interface anymore. It now scales much
better to different windowing environments (all the way down to not
requiring a windowing system at all). This one (1) has not been release
yet, (2) doesn't have its own set of widgets yet (but you can use the
biss-awt widgets), (3) is not as well tested as the biss-only. However,
it is the future.

> Now that Peter and Joerg left BISS, is there anybody at BISS who's
> still working on their AWT?

Not on the native AWT (i.e. biss-only). They are interested in the JDE
and the biss-awt framework (widgets) because of their own apps, and
probably will do some work there. But since we have our own ideas about
useful changes, we will keep our own version of these components as well
(as "deltas" to the "official" BISS ones).


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