JNI implementation

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Mon May 25 15:29:35 PDT 1998

> Is anybody working on JNI for kaffe ? It seems that it is reserved for
> 1.0 not-exactly-free release, but if it could be completed by net people
> beforehand, transvirtual could focus on other things.


not wanting to be sarcastic, but realistically, what "net people" are 
you talking about?

It is my impression that hardly anybody is actively working on the
current Kaffe.  For instance, most of the ports are broken. 
If you track the history since 0.10.0, the number of people who contributed
is very small.

Tim/Transvirtual hasn't checked in anything, and I can't blame them:
if there is nobody out there who is interested and willing to contribute, 
why should they put any effort in making stuff available or in coordinating
a development effort?  After all, the whole "bazaar" model works only if 
there actually is someone at the bazaar.

	- Godmar

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