Problems in building Kaffe 1.0.b2 on SunOS 4.1.3. HELP!!

Danny Hendler dannyh at
Thu Nov 5 06:42:21 PST 1998


I'm trying to build Kaffe 1.0.b2 on SunOS 4.1.3. and am encountering the

following problems:

1) The make didn't know how to build gc-mem.o. Problem stemed
   from the fact that gc-mem.c was under the
   kaffe/kaffevm/mem subdirectory, but the build expected it under
   kaffe/kaffevm. Solution was to simply copy the file to kaffe/kaffevm.

2) The make had the following error:
   "Loop detected when expanding macro value X/tlk$(OBJEXT) ..."

   This was caused by the at libraries/clib/awt. I have
   put this line in a comment and circumvented the problem. Does anybody

   know what causes this error? I have no idea what would be the effect
of putting
   this line in a comment (no AWT?).

3) The problem I'm currently stuck with is the following make error

   "Don't know how to make target gc-mem.o"

   gc-mem.c appears in systems/unix-internal and systems/unix-jthreads,
   so is probably expected to be also in another directory. How can this

   be solved?

I have started the build by the following commands:


Is this correct?

This is the crop of half-a-day of trying to build Kaffe. I wonder how
many build problems are still ahead.

Thanks for any help,


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