Kaffe's JIT mechanism description

peter at transvirtual.com peter at transvirtual.com
Mon Nov 9 23:57:19 PST 1998

On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Raffaele Sena wrote:
>I asked the same question to Peter Mehlitz at the Atlanta Linux Showcase.
>He showed me a slide that explains the structure of the JIT, with some
>code from (if I remember well) kaffe/kaffevm/jit.c.
>If that slide could be made available it could be a start (I think
>Peter said it should be online, but I cannot find it).

I just posted this to the mailing list :-) You can find it on
<http://www.transvirtual.com/users/peter/one4all/> (among other things).

-- Peter

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