Threading problems with SunOS 4.1.x

Jan Weerts weerts at
Mon Nov 16 05:58:17 PST 1998

Hi everybody!

We just installed kaffe-1.0.b2 and had no problems so far with our
smallish applications. So before offering it for all our users we
tried to check the installatoin with the tests rpovided in the
distrib. Sadly, when running the tests some of them fail. I browsed
through the FAQs and mailing list archive but didn't find hints on
this subject. So, if I need to rejoin the reading excercises feel free
to tell me.

Doing a 'make test' in the test directory with the installed kaffe
fails on these tests:

  ProcessTest ... error running
    Should have got:
  ProcessTest: Success.
    But got instead:
  Caught exception: No more processes No more processes
	  at java/io/
	  at java/io/
	  at java/io/BufferedReader.refillBuffer(168)
	  at java/io/BufferedReader.readLine(127)
	  at java/io/LineNumberReader.readLine(78)
	  at ProcessTest.main(39)

The 'UDPTest ...' hangs there and never returns.

The ThreadLocalTest kicks out a longish error report I didn't
want to post here.

The TestFloatDouble was ignored, all others passed.

The 'make testthreads' runs fine (CatchDeath and ThreadStop are

So here I am thinking, maybe is the test suite broken. But (as
usually) I think worse of SunOS (compared to Gnuish software :-). So
is this another SunOS problem? Do I have a too small kernel limit on
the number of processes?

Here are all the version numbers combined:
kaffe	 1.0.b2 
SunOS	 4.1.3_U1 and 4.1.4, patches uptodate
gcc	 2.8.1

ObUnrelated distribution problem:
  In libraries/clib/awt/Makefile the line 
  'LDTAIL=-L/usr/local/X11R6/lib -lX11 -lpng -lz'
  (resp. 'LDTAIL=@LDTAIL@ @AWTLIB@' in
  should be changed to 'LDTAIL=', because the SunOS ld will try to
  resolve all symbols when creating and whine about a lot
  missing here. I wonder why this is done different for the other
  .so-directories :-).

Thanks for your help
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