broken commit

Godmar Back gback at
Tue Nov 3 12:32:43 PST 1998

> $ cd kaffe/kaffevm
> $ (cvs diff -u -r 1.11 -r 1.12 support.c
>    cvs diff -u -r 1.10 -r 1.11 classMethod.c )|  less
> $
> I just thought I'd point out that this changes the behavior on my OpenBSD/i386
> system from passing all regression tests to failing all regression tests with
> an added nullpointerexception ...
> .. surely this effects other platforms.  I've not spent enough time in the
> code to make a useful suggestion other than if I revert back to the earlier
> versions of both these files kaffe works much better for me.

 That's most likely because your Klasses.jar is out of synch.
The fix you point at requires a new Klasses.jar (cause ThreadDeath has 
changed) --- if you don't have it, you get this additional NPE.

	- Godmar

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