Kaffe and HotJava

Parmelan, Edouard EP510777 at exchange.FRANCE.NCR.com
Tue Nov 10 07:44:15 PST 1998

Hi Godmar,
Hi Everybody,

I try to run HotJava 1.1.4 with kaffe.

I need two small patches:
- It seems that HotJava extends class java.util.Properties
  and defines a get() method that calls getProperty().
  But getProperty() calls get() not super.get().

- HotJava can't set his own SecurityManager so it call
  System.setSecurityManager() with null.  Unfortunary, many
  kaffe classes assumes that the getSecurityManager() is not null.
  As kaffe use a private defaultSecurityManager called
  NullSecurityManager, setSecurityManager(null) don't change the
  default one.

The patch kaffe-hj.diff contains this two small patches.

Now, HotJava starts and shows a DeadLock with processClass()...
The patch kaffe-deadlock.diff add some debuging traces.

Godmar, could you analyse this repeatable deadlock ?

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