Kaffe and HP-UX 10.20

Archie Cobbs archie at whistle.com
Tue Nov 10 10:57:31 PST 1998

Godmar Back writes:
> As for your other problems with the "resource temporarily unavailable"
> error msg, this has been pointed out before, but nobody has come up with 
> an acceptable patch or solution.  If people want to debug this, I'd encourage 

I wonder if this is simply a read/write operation returning EAGAIN?
In which case, we can simply "go back to sleep" on the operation.

A file descriptor marked for non-blocking can do this, although it
shouldn't if select() tells us the operation will succeed (ie, it
could be a HPUX O/S bug).

Having said that, I haven't looked at the code so these are guesses.


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