Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Wed Nov 11 08:59:12 PST 1998

> Please add file test/regression/.cvsignore containing "*.class"
> Most question marks produced by CVS are about compliled classes in
> test/regression/

Sure, why not.  I think test/regression is an exception, though.
I also often put .class files there, because using javac's -d switch
for testing is often too much of a hassle.

> I don't think it's time to add everything else like .depend and Makefile 
> to .cvsignore since it will change as soon as automake/libtool is 
> introduced.

What many people do is to build in a different tree than the source tree.  
Keeps sources and object files cleanly separated and does not produce
.depend or Makefiles in your source tree.  Has a lot of other advantages,
like being able to build different configure options or target architectures
from the same source without getting into a jungle of symlinks, being able 
to build on a non-filesaved scratch or local filesystem, etc.

	- Godmar

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