Kaffe and HP-UX 10.20

Alexandre Oliva oliva at dcc.unicamp.br
Wed Nov 11 09:34:55 PST 1998

On Nov 11, 1998, Pavel Roskin <pavel_roskin at geocities.com> wrote:

>> Someone has already posted a patch to automake/libtoolize Kaffe, but
>> it was never installed :-(

> It would be better to apply this patch. If it is lost or is
> "non-appliable" I'll try to do it myself.

I'm waiting for an update on the author of the original patch.
Hopefully, it will apply cleanly.  If not, I'll get in touch with
you.   Thanks for the offer :-)

>> A pity, because it would make shared library handling *much*
>> easier and more portable...

> Libtool doesn't support dynamically loadadle libraries.

Huh?  Ever read about the libtool -dlopen flag?  It even goes to the
length of generating symbol tables and linking the libraries together
with the binary on platforms that don't support dynamic linking.
Mostly like --with-staticlib does on Kaffe, except that more portably.

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