Patch for SunOS 4.1.3 build of 1.0.b2

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Fri Oct 9 04:09:58 PDT 1998

In message <199810090846.RAA01033 at>you write:

>I've tested kaffe-1.0.b2 on SunOS 4.1.4 and get java source compiled without
>any problems.
>I use CLASSPATH as '.:/usr/local/share/kaffe/Klasses.jar:/usr/local/share
>On the other hand, when I use CLASSPATH '.:/usr/local/share/kaffe', it can
>not find essential class.

Is this true? Have you read '/usr/local/bin/kaffe'?

>> Your is that of JDK-1.1.6, isn't it? I use JDK-1.2 and I
>It does not matter. I just show you an example, and actually
>or rt.jar are not needed when you just compile java source by using
>pizza compiler. All staffs are in Klasses.jar and pizza.jar.

OK, If I even use CLASSPATH as
no class objects was produced. Then I investigated using trace, I saw
that kaffe cannot find './sun/io/CharToByteDefault.class' which may
NOT be in the kaffe libraries but be resided in

>I can not understand why you think these two files are loaded with
>your CLASSPATH. The symptom you show indicates these two files are
>not loaded properly.

There may be three reasons.

1. README says.
2. /usr/local/bin/kaffe says.
>#       1. a user-specified CLASSPATH or .
>#       2. Klasses.jar in $prefix/share/kaffe
>#       3. pizza.jar in $prefix/share/kaffe
>#       4. in $prefix/share/kaffe iff it exists.
3. The result of trace says.

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