setjmp/longjmp on mips/ultrix4

Godmar Back gback at
Mon Oct 19 09:35:43 PDT 1998

 Sounds like the Sparc/Linux problem where longjmp tests that you don't 
use it for "illicit" purposes. You'll probably have to end up writing 
your own setjmp/longjmp/context switch routine.  

	- Godmar

> I'm now trying to port Kaffe to mips/ultrix4.2. But the jmp_buf structure
> on this OS is something strange.
> The problem I have right now is, if I change saved stack pointer in
> jmp_buf and call longjmp (which is used to make threads), it failed
> with 'longjmp botch...'.
> Unfortunately the actual longjmp is handled by 'sigreturn' system
> call, and there are no way to trace down.
> If someone has idea how to tackle this problem, I am fully appreciated.
> # For the time being, I try to use glibc...
> Kiyo

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