setjmp/longjmp on mips/ultrix4

Ben Laurie ben at
Mon Oct 19 10:16:55 PDT 1998

Godmar Back wrote:
>  Sounds like the Sparc/Linux problem where longjmp tests that you don't
> use it for "illicit" purposes. You'll probably have to end up writing
> your own setjmp/longjmp/context switch routine.

I had to do this for a version of Apache we were playing with - coz SCO
also stops you from pulling the wool over its eyes - I assume you are
doing a setjmp and then using a signal to sneak onto a different stack?

If so, you can just kludge one of them (the setjmp, I think) and the
rest work. I can dig out the code (probably) if anyone is interested.



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