Bugs to this list? Here we go ... :)

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Fri Oct 23 09:38:40 PDT 1998

 Hi Holger,

okay, okay, that's only half of what we mean by "send bugs to the list".
Of course, you can just send complaints too.  That is sometimes helpful.
However, it would be more useful if:

* you told us which version of Kaffe you're using (ideally, you would 
  verify your complaints against the current CVS repos, but a release
  such as 1.0b2 will do too.)

* you included the actual warnings you're seeing when compiling.
  Mention whether your configure options, if any.

* you included a test case to reproduce the failure.

* you included a bug fix as a unified diff if you have one.

* you ran it with -verbosegc to see whether gc is actually causing
  the stops or something else is.

I know that Peter Mehlitz is out of town, so the AWT bugs might not be
fixed immediately.

	- Godmar

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