NCR MP-RAS 3.x port

Parmelan, Edouard EP510777 at
Thu Oct 8 07:26:39 PDT 1998

Hi Everybody,

I'm pleased to annouce the port for NCR MP-RAS 3.x (i386/univel_svr4).

In order to compile kaffe, you need GCC, GNU as and GNU make.  You can find
precompiled binaries at

Kaffe Changes:

. jit/branche.h define somes contants like ``bn'', but a system include
  (aka sys/vnode.h) have ``bn'' as the name of a function parameter,
  change #defines to enums.

. Page 0 (aka address in range [0, 0x1000[) have readable access,
  so NullPointerException can't retreive the PC of the current method,
  remap it as PROT_NONE.

Autoconf changes:

. Need the library ``mw'' with the library ``m''.

. Need nsl library, but gethostbyname() is not in, add a check with

Edouard.Parmela at France.NCR.COM
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