Heavy Kaffe I/O at startup

Steve Ratcliffe sterat at dial.pipex.com
Fri Oct 16 04:44:02 PDT 1998

> From: Archie Cobbs <archie at whistle.com>
> Victor Zandy writes:
> >     Kaffe 1.0b2 generates a lot of very small reads when it starts on

> Probably what needs to happen is that somewhere a bunch of I/O
> is being done via read(), write(), lseek(), etc. and it needs
> to be done via fread(), fwrite(), fseek(), etc. instead.

I've tried the patch and it makes a good improvement in the number
of system calls made.  There is still a bit of re-reading of the same
block as (I assume) it leaps back and forward to the table of contents.

However, I note that stdio was explicitly taken out of jar.c:

	revision 1.2
	date: 1998/05/28 20:13:46;  author: cvs-gback;  state: Exp;  lines: +15 -10
	removed use of stdio in jar.c, added JARFILES debug target

So whatever the issue was that lead to it being removed needs to be
resolved -- if it still applies.

Steve Ratcliffe

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