Debugging alpha port

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Mon Oct 26 19:53:04 PST 1998

Dirk Grunwald <grunwald at> writes:

> Using the follow simple expansion of HelloWorldApp, it appears that I
> can call interpreted and native code, but that it constantly dies in
> CharToByteDefault -- a null exception gets thrown, no one catches and
> the world collapses.

> Call: kaffe/io/CharToByteDefault.convert([CII[BII)I.
> Call to native kaffe/io/CharToByteDefault.convert([CII[BII)I.
> Method = kaffe/io/CharToByteDefault.convert([CII[BII)I
> Native stub = 'kaffe_io_CharToByteDefault_convert'
> Call: java/lang/NullPointerException.<init>()V.

I'd guess Kaffe is failing to locate the native method, or something
like that...

Alexandre Oliva
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