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Tue Oct 20 05:06:36 PDT 1998

> > 
> > Third application: ServerSocket gives a
> >   java.io.IOException: Resource temporarily unavailable
> > on accept() (at the same time java manages to listen, so it is not a
> > local, temporal problem).
>  Pavel reported the same error message with ProcessTest.  In his case,
> the problem went away when he put a "sleep(2000)" in!  (I guess they
> mean it when they say "temporarily"...)

In between the call to the constructor and the call to accept() you
mean? (I have no other places in my program, so...)

Unfortunately, no, that does not help.

> I don't know what that is, but it seems to be a problem related to
> the setup of file descriptors.  It would be interesting to know what
> HP-UX's man pages say about when this problem occurs.  You might also
> have luck playing with jthreadedFileDescriptor.

Quite a bunch of pages, referring to three standards: AF_INET, AF_UNIX
and AF_CCITT. Several errors, none mentioning ``temporarily'' (could
be anything, ranging from network down (unlikely) to protocol not
available. I should dive into the Java-code (or even C-code) deeply, I

This note might be interesting, though:

      The default behavior in this release is still the classic HP-UX BSD
      Sockets, however it will be changed to X/Open Sockets in some future
      release.  At that time, any HP-UX BSD Sockets behavior which is
      incompatible with X/Open Sockets may be obsoleted. [...]

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