suspend() deprecated?

Vijay Saraswat vj at
Tue Oct 20 07:38:07 PDT 1998

   >While kaffe tries to be JDK 1.1.x compatible, it also tries to be
   >as current as possible, which means being JDK 1.2 compliant where

   Yes, but don't you think you might scare off a few potential customers if
   you're not 1.1.x compatible? A lot of people - well, MOST people - write 1.1
   applications. Otherwise you might just call Kaffe a 1.2 VM and skip the
   reference to 1.1 altogether. Being compliant with 1.2 doesn't necessarily
   mean not implementing deprecated methods, does it?

Trying to be compliant with 1.2 while skipping 1.1.x would be a
serious mistake in my opinion. 1.1 in itself is quite a usable
system, and 1.2 has several substantial incompatible changes. For
what I do, for instance, I am not persuaded that to use Java I
*must* move from 1.1 to the far bigger JDK 1.2. Note that several
JDK subsystems originally to be released only with 1.2 (e.g.
Swing) have now been released with 1.1.


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