AppletViewer problems

Pavel.Roskin at Pavel.Roskin at
Wed Sep 2 12:47:41 PDT 1998


I have tried latest Kaffe with some examples from Sun's JDK. I have noticed
two problems with kaffe.awt.AppletViewer:
1) It always tries to run an applet. If even <applet> tag is not present
(or not found - see below) in the html file, it tries to run "null"
2) It has problems with files where a closing HTML tag stands before
"<applet>". IMHO the problem is that sets '/' as
CommentChar by default (java/io/ I don't think
that this is correct. I tried kaffe.awt.AppletViewer with Sun's classes and
it was able to find <applet> after '/', although it died later.

Pavel Roskin

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