Kaffe and OB - weird error

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Sun Sep 6 18:18:07 PDT 1998

> Hi,
> when trying to use ORBacus (formerly OmniBroker) with Kaffe, I get the 
> following weird error :
> Kaffe: code-analyse.c:98: verifyMethod: Assertion `codeInfo == 0 && "
> Attempt to reenter verifier!"' failed.  
> Can someone please explain to me what this means and wherefor I get
> this.

It means what it says, namely that an attempt was made to reenter the 
verifier.  The verifier is a piece of single-threaded, non-reentrant

If the failure is reproducible, you could build a staticlib/intrp
version of kaffe and use gdb to produce a stacktrace.  This should
give you some information what sequence of events led to this.
For instance, it could be that an exception is thrown while a
method was verified.  The exception class is loaded, its methods
are verified, and voila.  Obviously, this is wrong.  We need to think 
about it some more. 

	- Godmar

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