Current Status of Kaffe / Bugs with Swing

Wolfgang Mües wolfgang at
Sun Sep 6 12:37:45 PDT 1998


I downloaded the current Kaffe-snap ( 06. Sept. 98) and installed it.

Installation problem: ( Suse 5.2, PC)

the library is in /usr/X11/bin. The configure script fails (?) to add
this path to the linker command. To make it work, I had to add a -L/usr/X11/bin.

Problems with swing (1.1beta2):

- java.awt.Component.getTreeLock() is not implemented. It is used in swing to
optimize drawing. I implemented it as follows:

public final Object getTreeLock() {
    System.err.println( "getTreeLock");
     return new Object();

With this modification, I managed to start some of the example programs in
swing. There are 3 major problems:

a) if a window is diaplayed, nothing can be seen inside.
b) event handling did not work. Closing the main window don´t exit the
c) many applications abort due to a java.lang.OutofMemoryError, mainly if there
is a tool bar and GIF files are loaded. (verified with kaffe -v).

So, for my part ( I have to develop a SWING application) Kaffe seem to be
pretty useless.... What about the "comming soon" SWING support I read about
some weeks ago?


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