Current Status of Kaffe / Bugs with Swing

Archie Cobbs archie at
Sun Sep 6 13:43:43 PDT 1998

Wolfgang Mües writes:
> I downloaded the current Kaffe-snap ( 06. Sept. 98) and installed it.
> Installation problem: ( Suse 5.2, PC)
> the library is in /usr/X11/bin. The configure script fails (?) to add
> this path to the linker command. To make it work, I had to add a -L/usr/X11/bin.

/usr/X11/bin seems like a weird place for to live.
Is this where Suse Linux installs it?

If you put it in a "normal" place then configure should find it...

    dnl Check for libraries for zip library.

Try moving it to /usr/local/lib and see if that helps.


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