AWT problem on linux

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Tue Sep 8 02:55:56 PDT 1998

> For now, just modify Component
>  void validate () { doLayout(); }
Better than my suggestion...

> I'm not yet sure if it makes sense to mimic the invalidate /
> validate scheme. Since setBounds() automatically calls invalidate(),
> this mainly seems to be a rather complicated mechanism for the same
> effect (that only makes sense in case you cache previously computed
> preferredSizes - but this isn't defined in the specs).

If setBounds() is called on a non-Container, its parent needs a
layout. If setBounds() is called on a Container, it needs a layout as
well as its parent (!=null).

The propagation upwards has to take place, whether you use
invalidate() for it or not.

Now you mention specs, where can I find the specs that define which
classes and which methods have to be available (preferably with the
required functionality)? I found java.lang, and
java.util at Sun, but what about java.awt? Do I have to take the jdk
1.1 API documentation as the definition?

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