Bugs at initialiseKaffe in baseClasses.c

Kim, Jongwon (freefish) freefish at cselab.snu.ac.kr
Thu Sep 10 01:03:46 PDT 1998

I found that Kaffe don't call following line in Kaffe1.0.b1 snap shot 8/30/1998.

 do_execute_java_class_method("java.lang.System", "initializeSystemClass", "()V");

I didn't check lastest snap shot for that line yet. Anyway, current Kaffe can't 
use JDK 1.1.6 classe library. For there is no initializeSystemClass method in
java.lang.system.java in Klasses.jar.

Jongwon Kim

    Kim, jongwon

    freefish at chollian.net
    freefish at netsgo.com


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