Bugs at initialiseKaffe in baseClasses.c

Alexandre Oliva oliva at dcc.unicamp.br
Thu Sep 10 06:03:40 PDT 1998

freefish  <Kim> writes:

> I found that Kaffe don't call following line in Kaffe1.0.b1 snap
> shot 8/30/1998.

>  do_execute_java_class_method("java.lang.System", "initializeSystemClass", "()V");

Since release 1.0.b1, Kaffe OpenVM can no longer use the Core Library
from JDK.  It makes assumptions about the internals of some classes,
such as System and Thread, that do not hold if you try to use the JDK
Core classes.  If you really must use Kaffe with JDK's classes.zip,
you must use the July 13's snapshot, the last one before the Kaffe
Core Library was imported into the CVS tree.  I've got a copy of that
snapshot as an optional part of release 1.4 of Guaraná:

Alexandre Oliva
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