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Thu Sep 17 12:43:22 PDT 1998

Sorry, I'm behind in my snap shot...  I didn't realize you guys had fixed

One thing with the code segment you sent.  With Sun's JVM if loader.get()
returns null, a NullPointerException will be thrown when you try to do the
cast.  Is it not the same with Kaffe?


Godmar Back <gback at> on 09/17/98 10:05:12 AM

Please respond to kaffe at

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Subject:  Re: findLoadedClass

> ClassLoader.findLoadedClass() as implemented is wrong.  (As noted in the
> code.)  While the JDK 1.1 was silent as to what it did, the 1.2 doc is
> clear.  Basically it should return a reference to the class if it is
> or null if not.  I use it in my classloader in loadClass to check if the
> class is loaded before trying to define the class, but with the current
> implementation an infinitely recursive call results...
> Looking into the code there didn't seem to be a nice way using native
> to check for a class being loaded without causing creation of a class
> for the class being looked for.  (Boy my english suxs!)  I would be glad
> fix it if somebody could suggest the best way of checking for a loaded
> class.
 Hmmm, you say "as noted in the code"? Could you be more specific?
The implementation simply looks whether it's in the hashtable
of classes loaded by the classloader:
final protected Class findLoadedClass(String name) {
     return ((Class)loader.get(name));
Can you described where the infinitely recursive call results?
     - Godmar

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