ARM port

Dirk Grunwald grunwald at
Fri Sep 18 18:36:27 PDT 1998

I'm trying to get the latest Kaffe up and running on an ARM-based

Tim Wilkinson mentioned that ARM was an actively supported platform
and that it should work. I want to double check that I'm using not
running into any problems induced by my build tools.

I'd also like to talk to others working on ARM-based platforms.

I'm doing cross-development work on a Linux/x86 system using
gcc version egcs-2.90.29 980515 (egcs-1.0.3 release)

I'm compiling with..."-g -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes".

Since I'm in a cross-development environment, I specified 

setenv	ac_cv_c_bigendian	no
setenv	ac_cv_c_char_unsigned	no
setenv	ac_cv_sizeof_short	2
setenv	ac_cv_sizeof_int	2
setenv	ac_cv_sizeof_int	4
setenv	ac_cv_sizeof_char	1
setenv	ac_cv_sizeof_long_long	8
setenv	ac_cv_sizeof___int64	8
setenv	ac_cv_sizeof_voidp	4
setenv	ac_cv_alignmentof_voidp	4

and then configured..

./configure --prefix=/home/grunwald/Kaffe/itsy-install \
	--enable-staticlib --with-engine=intrp \
        --host=arm-linux --without-x

The system builds and installs. When I run it, I get a null pointer in..

#0  0x53e94 in java_lang_System_arraycopy (src=0x2bd878, srcpos=1, dst=0x1,
    dstpos=1, len=8) at System.c:59
59              dclass = OBJECT_CLASS(dst);

...which is called from support.c at...

358                     /* Make the call - system dependent */
359                     sysdepCallMethod(&call);

This makes me suspect there's something amiss in the machine-specific
portion of the configuration.

(a) anyone hacking on arm?

(b) do you see this problem? 

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