Why is Kaffe v1.0 ?

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Sun Sep 20 02:26:14 PDT 1998

>It seems to me that Kaffe v1.0 beta 1 is, in addition to being full of
>bugs, not complete. I understand that a number of sections have not even
>been done when 1.0b1 was released and active development is still
>ongoing. At every other project and company I've been in or seen, beta
>implied specification and development freeze. It was bug fixing time

I agree the 'quality' of Kaffe v1.0 beta is not at usable level,
especially for non x86 architecture. But as far as specification
is concerned, it was frozen :-)

So, you can think this as a beta for developpers/porters rather
than real users.

>I don't understand how Kaffe can be labelled as being version 1.0 ( even
>a beta ). Was there anything significant that happened between the
>pre-1.0 and v1.0 that can justify this ?

The pre-1.0 uses Sun's class file, which makes kaffe can not be
covered by GPL (in some sence), but 1.0 becomes independent from
Sun's implementation, and covered by GPL. This difference is
very big.


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