kaffe0.10.0 and jdk

Margo Fawzi mfawzi at sol2.cs.aucegypt.edu
Sun Sep 20 01:36:25 PDT 1998

iam a researcher, and i do work within the security model of java. iam
trying to embed an additional layer of security (auditing on top of java),
trying to prove its sucess using your jvm -kaffe 0.10.0. actually i would
like you to guide me towards any documentation that do make a comparative
study between kaffe and jdk from the side of their architecture.  also it
might be useful if you could send me documents that describe kaffe and its
architecture, what is implemented and what is not compared to jdk. iam in
a bad need to such documents.
in addition i would like to send you a complete description of what iam
trying to do and to take your viewpoint . if you do not mind please let me
know and immediately i would send you.

mfawzi at aucegypt.edu

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