Why is Kaffe v1.0 ?

Gerald Gutierrez gutier at intergate.bc.ca
Sat Sep 19 22:44:27 PDT 1998

I don't mean to be rude or insulting, but I truely am interested. 

It seems to me that Kaffe v1.0 beta 1 is, in addition to being full of
bugs, not complete. I understand that a number of sections have not even
been done when 1.0b1 was released and active development is still
ongoing. At every other project and company I've been in or seen, beta
implied specification and development freeze. It was bug fixing time

I don't understand how Kaffe can be labelled as being version 1.0 ( even
a beta ). Was there anything significant that happened between the
pre-1.0 and v1.0 that can justify this ?

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