MkLinux and Kaffe again works

Tom Gall tgall at
Mon Sep 21 18:15:23 PDT 1998

Hi All,

  Good news to report. Kaffe is again up and running on MkLinux. (It
should also work unchanged on Linuxppc) I built it with the Sunday
9/20/98 snapshot. The majority of the test programs run tho there are
still one or two that have some trouble. But javac works which is a good
sign in my book.

  I'd like to get the "fixes/changes" that I have intregrated into the
distrib. Being very new to CVS and Kaffe as well, what's the best method
for doing that?

  I also have some general "what's the best way to update/fix X"
questions... but I'll leave that to another day as I'm a bit short on
time at the moment.

  Worse comes to worse, those of you on MkLinux or Linuxppc that want to
get up and running right now just send me a note and I can point you my
ftp site. I have full instructions etc etc already put together.


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