Static linking build problems

Pavel Roskin pavel_roskin at
Mon Sep 28 11:07:22 PDT 1998


> I've downloaded a copy of Kaffe v1.0 available under the GPL, and tried to
> build it.  I ran into unexepected problems:
> On an i386-linux machine, a straightforward build seems to work just fine.
> However, if I use the "--with-staticlib" option when running the configure

Is it so diffucult to release 1.0b2? It is well known that 1.0b1 has
problems in some configurations including --with-staticlib. Of course,
Kaffe should be tested in some uncommon configurations including
--with-staticlib and --with-engine=intrp.
I believe that even daily snapshots are more stable and functional that
1.0 beta 1.

Pavel Roskin

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