Static linking build problems

Scott F. Kaplan sfkaplan at
Mon Sep 28 09:48:29 PDT 1998


I've downloaded a copy of Kaffe v1.0 available under the GPL, and tried to
build it.  I ran into unexepected problems:

On an i386-linux machine, a straightforward build seems to work just fine.
However, if I use the "--with-staticlib" option when running the configure
script, the build dies while linking the "Kaffe" executable.  One problem is
that some incorrect directory names are provided so that the linker can't
find libnative and libawt.  The more significant problem is that, even after
fixing those directory names, there are some undefined symbols in libkaffe
that can't be resolved, and it's not clear how they ever would be.  For
example, the linker is in search of "java_lang_Thread_sleep", but the only
function I can find anywhere in the source tree is
"java_land_Thread_sleep0".  There are a large number of these kinds of
problems when I do the static linking build.

Please note that I want to link a special reference tracing tool to Kaffe,
and this tool requires static linking.  If I can get the tracing tool to
work with Kaffe, I will be using your tool to study Java memory use.

Is there something I'm missing about building Kaffe with statically linking
libraries?  Can the problems be fixed?  Is there a newer version for which
these problems do not exist?

Thank you for your time and help!

Scott Kaplan
sfkaplan at

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