Kaffe for Visual C++ work!!

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Thu Sep 17 08:49:16 PDT 1998

> Kaffe for Visual C++ works!
> I have ported from Kaffe Aug 30th snapshot.
> Many java test programs work, but also many program don't operate properly yet.
> Especially network methods don't operate.
> Kaffe for VC use Kaffe user thread with Klasses.jar instead of Win32 thread mechanism.
> I'll enhance thread mechanism for Windows native thread. To use native thread in Kaffe
> have many problems. I want to know technique for porting to native thread. 
> Do you have any good idea?

 Well, one way of doing it is implementing the jthread interface
based on Win32 native threads.  

Alternatively, you could use the Kaffe_ThreadInterface, although this
interface has the disadvantage that is doesn't encapsulate the VM dependencies
clearly:  that is, the threading system is expected to call in arbitrary
places in the VM.  Look at jthreads/internal.c, which isolates the
VM dependencies.  In any event, you must implement the Kaffe_ThreadInterface.  

I think one main issue is going to be garbage collection. 
For garbage collection, it would be cool to have access to the stored
state of a thread: you should research whether Windows gives you a documented
or undocumented way of getting at this.
Other than that, I would expect other constructs to map easily.

	- Godmar

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