Kaffe for Visual C++ work!!

Kim, Jongwon (freefish) freefish at cselab.snu.ac.kr
Thu Sep 17 01:45:23 PDT 1998

Kaffe for Visual C++ works!

I have ported from Kaffe Aug 30th snapshot.
Many java test programs work, but also many program don't operate properly yet.
Especially network methods don't operate.
Kaffe for VC use Kaffe user thread with Klasses.jar instead of Win32 thread mechanism.
I'll enhance thread mechanism for Windows native thread. To use native thread in Kaffe
have many problems. I want to know technique for porting to native thread. 
Do you have any good idea?


Kim, jongwon

    Kim, jongwon

    freefish at netsgo.com
    freefish at cselab.snuc.ac.kr


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